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Gibraltar University this Autumn by Gibraltar Rock Tours

After leaving what felt like the hottest summer ever, Autumn is finally here and in Gibraltar its quite a short one weather wise. There hasn’t been a jacket in sight all throughout September 2015 and even now we haven’t packed away all the summer clothes.

So if you looking at visiting Gibraltar this time of year…. It is a great choice usually the weather is at its best, too hot and not too cold or wet maybe that’s why it’s the busiest time of year for tourist coming to Gibraltar by coach over the land frontier and others enjoying the Cruise ship stop at the Mighty Rock of Gibraltar.

In the United Kingdom you can define the season you are in, especially in Autumn. Here in Gibraltar surrounded in so much Britishness but not the weather , Autumn seems far too short if it’s your favourite season to travel.

Mid October and no coats in sight, from bikini to jacket within days but still we are enjoying lovely sunny days and can still enjoy the magnificent views we are so very lucky to have on our doorstep.

Here is a useful link to Gibraltar weather just in case you need to check if you need  to bring a brolly.Loads of statistics and interesting information too.


Autumn always brings to mind the start of the school year  and starting courses , education in general and this year especially so as Gibraltar has been looking forward to seeing history being made on becoming  a University city.

Traditionally, Gibraltarian students have attended one of the countless prestigious institutions in the UK, spending three or four years commuting back and forth between the uk and the Rock to complete their studies and visit their families.

Nearly everyone visiting Gibraltar or taking a tour to see the sights in Gibraltar will stop to take in the views from Europa Point. So when visiting the famous Lighthouse, just behind the park and cafeteria at Europa point stands the Gibraltar University just a few weeks ago we saw the opening of the University.

It was pretty impressive to hear it had all been done in just seven months. An extensive preservation of original buildings with modern technology ,fully kitted lecture room, Kitchens, Nursing stations, and a top floor restaurant with spectacular views with top range equipment gearing for hospitality

The University had a 2 day open day for the general public which Gibraltar Rock Tours took advantage of. We were greeted by Vice chancellor Gibraltarian Professor DaniellaTilbury .

There has been plenty of coverage by the media locally, the opening of the university by the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and interviews with Professor Tilbury, she has told the  press that “Gibraltar will not be replicating other models but seek to offer internationally flavoured yet Regionally relevant programmes “

In June the university website was launched, where you can currently find full time undergraduate degree courses  in Accounting and Finance, Banking and finance, Business management, nursing  and also postgraduate courses.

Research is also a major part of the university and they will push towards a Gibraltar Repository.

Meetings have been held with the key libraries in Gibraltar and it’s been agreed to collaborate to establish a repository on anything published in Gibraltar. So research thesis and books written on Gibraltar will be consolidated locally.

The university can probably maintain a maximum population of 1000 students.

Currently,Over 900 Gibraltarian students are studying abroad. Students in the future may still prefer to experience living independently in the uk but having a Gibraltar university is a good option for those who don’t want to go to the uk or who don’t want to leave home but still get a degree.

ProffesorDaniellaTilbry’s professional experience is very impressive, having been an academic and head of programme at the University of Wales, the University of Hong Kong, a senior professor at Macquarie University,Sidney as well as president of the Copericus Alliance of Universities and a Dean at the University of Gloucestershire.

Certainly a pride for Gibraltar, Gibraltar Rock Tours wishes Proffessor Tilbury and the University’s board of Governors every success for the Future.

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