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Happy New Year by Gibraltar Tours.

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Happy New Year By  Gibraltar Tours.

Providing a service that showcases the Beauty of Gibraltar whilst having fun is what we do all year and we have enjoyed every moment of 2015.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for trusting us to give them the best Gibraltar Tour during 2015 !!  It’s been great to share some of your holiday with you all… we most definitely enjoy what we do  and we hope it shows.

We are SO looking forward to 2016, which no doubt will be another year packed  full of fun and excitement.

Thanks to all those who have written those  wonderful reviews on Tripadvisor. We truly appreciate the time taken to write Gibraltar Rock Tours by John Lopez a review . Plus it’s always a pleasure to read how much our custom tours are enjoyed by all…. young and not so young.

So I  hope you enjoy the Christmas and New year blog I have written up and don’t forget to raise your glasses tonight…. A vuestra Salud  ( to your good health !) Happy New Year!!

Christmas in Gibraltar

Looks like everyone has now finally stopped rushing about doing their Christmas Shopping … Locals and tourists alike. Just the Visiting neighbours to Gibraltar are still shopping for gifts…. … The Three Kings bring presents in Spain….. so Cavalcade still to look forward to on the 5th January both in Spain and GIbraltar.

But it’s Father Christmas who comes to Gibraltar with the pressies…. Guess he can’t cross the frontier for some reason wonder if his paperwork is  in Order?….. or  maybe Rudolf doesn’t have a passport ???? wonder if he needs Jabs ???  not sure how it was decided on who brings presents for who, but  nevermind…


Christmas in Gibraltar is a family affair which kickstarted this year with the festival of lights.

The City Hall was a perfect backdrop for the light extravaganza organised by the ministry of Culture.

As with most celebrations, overeating is the order of the day.

Christmas lunch was a typical Turkey and all the trimmings  affair but with Turron, Polvoron y piezas de Mazapan ( Traditional Spanish xmas treats ) Christmas pud and crackers were set out  but carols were sung in both English and Spanish.

Boxing day we eat leftovers… doesn’t everyone else in the world ?

Christmas is most certainly about traditions and THE CRIB is probably one of the oldest one. The Hospital sets up a lovely one, with moving parts and the John Mackingtosh Square one must be the largest and most visited in Gibraltar.

Christmas Trees…… Love Christmas Trees….

Santa’s Grottos are always popular and the Leisure Centre at Rock Bastion is a winner with all the Children.  Christmas Craft fairs are growing in popularity every year and Church choirs always bring crowds in and the children love entertaining parents with their Nativity scenes….

But  sadly it’s all nearly over now…… until next year but …. BUT there is still TONIGHT… the magical last night of the year is a grand affair in Gibraltar and at Casemates Square, A stage is set up and ready for tonight’s party and there will be fireworks….. lots and lots of Fireworks.

I love seeing everyone beautiful dressed young and old in glitz and glamour, youngsters/ teenagers suited and booted … not a hoodie in sight. There is a feeling of nostalgia about the New Year rituals and traditions which I love. Hope everyone enjoys their own family traditions and have a great end of year celebration!!!


May all your wishes come true. Happy New Year Everyone !


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