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Gibraltar Street Art by Gibraltar Rock Tours

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Street Art in Gibraltar by Gibraltar Rock Tours.

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The Government in Gibraltar said that it would be introducing Gibraltar street art / graffiti as part of its urban regeneration programme this year. The aim is to revitalize areas in Gibraltar that require redevelopment and attempt to improve the physical appeal of building façades with a popular form of public art.

The First project of this kind in Gibraltar has just been finalised on the Ince’s Hall Theatre Façade.

This has caused quite a stir in Gibraltar some people loving the idea, others not liking it quiet so much, But was strongly opposed by The Gibraltar Heritage Trust who objected to the project on the grounds that the historic Georgian building was the wrong choice for such a mural because of its heritage significance.

I suggest that whilst in Gibraltar you take a little time out of your day to take a stroll down Main Street and take a look at the Street Art and judge for yourself.

Street artist Ben Eine recently finished the street art/graffiti project on the façade of the Ince’s Hall Theatre building, he told local press that he was hopeful that his work will be the beginning of a wave of local street art he said he was excited about being the first person do a piece of street art in Gibraltar. Pleased it is such a big wall he was also “happy” it had created discussion.
“Hopefully 99% of local people will enjoy it and take something positive from it,” he said whilst pointing out that street art was a tourist attraction around the world and there were event street art tours in some cities.
Mr Eine told local newspaper and  local television that he would like to return and possibly work on another project in Gibraltar.
“Gibraltar at the moment is a blank canvas and I like painting,” he said.

Eine’s real name is Ben Flynn, he was born on the 23rd August 1970 and is a prolific street artist based in London.

Eine is most notable for his alphabet lettering on shop shutters in London. He has also taken his lettering to the streets of ParisStockholmHastings and Newcastle upon Tyne.

In his commercial work he has produced numerous lettering styles including: shutter, circus, neon, elton, vandalism and wendy.

In July 2010, President Barack Obama was presented with a painting by Eine, Twenty First Century City, as an official gift from the British Prime Minister. David Cameron.

In 2011 EINE was invited by Amnesty International to design their 50th anniversary poster, joining other artists such as Picasso and Miro in supporting the charity through art.

Eine continues to produce canvasses and screen prints from his studio in Hastings and aims to travel the world painting his colourful letters and statements on shutters and walls wherever he can.

Eine’s lettering is often featured in magazines and promotional material. His work was used prominently by pop group Alphabeat .

So , for all those Street Art Lovers out there, If you are staying in Spain whilst on Holiday you can see an example of his work in Malaga and if you then decide to pay The Rock of Gibraltar a visit you can now admire THATS ENTERTAINMENT  ( without apostrophe)by Ben Eine


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