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Quick Facts & Other Quirky Information on GIBRALTAR

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Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory at the South Western tip of Europe at the entrance of the Mediterranean. Gibraltar has an area of 6.54sq km and is accessible by Land, Sea and Air. Regular Flights are operated from the United Kingdom and Morrocco to Gibraltar. The average Flight time from the United Kingdom is 2hours and 45minutes. Flights by Bristish Airways, Easyjet and Monarch Airlines from UK & Royal Air Maroc from Morrocco. If you need anymore information just check the website at

The Land frontier between Gibraltar & Spain is accessible 24hours a day for both vehicles and pedestrians. For further information visit the following website.

Gibraltar hosts a selection of Marinas and has it’s own port with regular visits by Cruise ships and Yachts and here is another website for any extra information you may need.

The Official language is English although Spanish is widely spoken, It’s Population (2012) is 32,194 and has 10,251,109 million visitors (2014) a year. Our Official Currency is £ sterling  but you will find that Euros are also accepted by many establishments.

In Gibraltar there are around 300 sunny days in the year, warm summers and mild winters and we are on Central European Time.

After a while away from Blogging I thought a general update of Gibraltar facts was a good way to start off with the Gibraltar Rock tours blog again this year!

There is so much to see and do in Gibraltar one visit is just not enough so taking a Gibraltar Rock Tour is the solution and best way to make your time in Gibraltar count if you are on limited time schedule….. I will list just a few of the many sites….some I have already covered in more depth in previous blogs and others I will surely be covering during the year…..


St. Michael’s Cave…… Q beautiful natural grotto.

Ape’s Den…… .Our most important tourist attraction…. Remember Not to Feed the Apes you can be fined!

The Great Siege Tunnels…. Impressive defence system excavated during the Great siege       1779-83.

World War II Tunnels – Rock & Fortress……… a Fortress built inside a Fortress.

9.2” Gun. O’Haras’s Battery…… Located at the highest point of the Rock.

Military Heritage Centre …… Fascinating array of artefacts

Gibraltar. A City Under Siege Exhibition ….. Graffitti can been on walls …. Earliest dating 1726

Moorish Castle…….. Fortifications first built 1160. The Tower of Homage dates from about 1333AD.

And that’s just The Upper Rock !!

Now for some more facts and one or two quirky ones at that.

Did you know? That the height of the Rock is approximately 426metres or 1400 Feet.

Did you know? The Rock was formed approximately 200 million years ago and is composed of Jurassic Limestone.

Did you know? The UK pound can be used freely in Gibraltar, so there is no need to convert UK notes to Gibraltar ones. However, Gibraltar Banknotes are not legal tender in the UK and will be not be accepted there.

Did you know? In most recent referendums Gibraltarians who live on the Rock voted overwhelmingly to reject any involvement by Spain in their Government.

Did you know? Queen Elizabeth II last visited Gibraltar in 1954.

Did you know? The border was closed by franco in 1969 and was shut for 13 years. Only reopened partially for pedestrians in 1982 before being reopened filly in 1985.

Did you know? Gibraltar Rock Tours is grateful to be highly rated in Tripadvisor and is proud to display their certificates of Excellence. Many thanks to all our clients for their continued support and great reviews…. More on Gibraltar customs, traditions & Quirks next time.





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