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The Royal Gibraltar Post Office and Letterboxes of Interest by Gibraltar Rock Tours

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It’s no secret that Gibraltar is proud of being British but nothing quite gives the Britishness feel on the Rock than our BRIGHT RED double decker buses our BRIGHT RED telephone boxes and our BRIGHT RED letterboxes. As soon as you enter Gibraltar this becomes apparent as the first thing you come across is a very British Bright Red Telephone box. Very near the Airport which is a stone throws away from the Border (which by the way is my personal favourite) a beautiful British  Bright Red Post Box.

After coming across a recent publication on our Letterboxes by The Royal Gibraltar Post office, I have learnt loads of interesting facts about our Letter boxes and their links with British history. A leaflet full of information can be picked up at the Main Post office situated in Main Street. you can’t miss it as by the main entrance you will find a double Post Box which along with the casemates double Telephone box must be the most photographed by tourist visiting the rock.

Gibraltar boasts of an example of a letter box from each British Monarch since they were first introduced in 1852 during the reign of Queen Victoria.

Visitors to the Rock can enjoy a walk down Gibraltar’s Main Street and see these historic letter boxes.

Letter box Edward VII is located at Casemates, Edward VII was Queens Victoria’s son. Great Grandfather to Queen Elizabeth.

Letter Box Elizabeth II is located by the entrance to the Main Post office, this is a double aperture post box.

Letter box Edward VIII is located near John Mackingtosh Square near the Gibraltar Heritage Trust. He was Queen Elizabeth’s Uncle.

Letter box George V is located near Cathedral os St.Mary the crowned. He was Queen Elizabeth’s Grandfather.

Letter box Victoria is located by the Court House. She was Queen Elizabeth’s Great-great Grandmother.

Letter box George VI is located by John Mackingtosh Cultural centre. He was Queen Elizabeth’s father.

Of Course…… there are other post boxes in Gibraltar, some worthy of a mention are…

Let’s see …….we have the letter box commemorating Team 54, Gibraltar’s joining UEFA on 24th May 2013, located outside Natwest Bank at Line Wall Road.

We have the letter box dedicated to Kaiane Aldorino ( now Lopez), Winner of Miss World 2009, located outside the airport by the border. ( You can see this if you arriving on the Rock via the land Frontier)

We have a rare lamp box, which is located at the junction of Castle Road, Flat Bastion Road and Prince Edward’s Road. ( You can see this on your way down from visiting the Upper Rock )

And we also have a letter box dedicated to the birth of Prince George of Cambridge on 22nd July 2013, this one is located at the Evacuation Memorial Roundabout. He is Lady Diana’s Grandson. Queen Elizabeth’s great grandson. ( you can see this on your way to town if you are arriving on the Rock via Cruise ship ).

It’s a great little leaflet, that I picked up and I am so glad I did it’s full of information on the History of the Post Office in Gibraltar and the UK, a map including all the locations and examples of the Historial Letter boxes. So if you have time on your hands why not check them all out !

Hope you enjoyed the read ! Til the next time.

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