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Panto 2014 Blog photo

This New Year has brought on a brand new challenge for me.

Yes….!! You Guessed …This is Gibraltar Rock Tours first ever blog!

It´s going to be an exciting 2015 on the whole, our new improved Website is proving to be a great success and we have loved taking the photos and helping in the design process from the beginning.

Thanks so much for everyone´s positive feedback. Much appreciated.

“What us excited with all the new features ?” that would be an understatement and this blog will just be another way of showing the world the Gibraltar we all love so much……

I will be trying to answer all those absolutely fabulous …interesting ….fascinating questions I am so frequently asked… some of your more usual questions are…..

Which are the best places to visit in Gibraltar?

What things are there to do in Gibraltar?

What´s the National Dish?

But most definitely it´s the unusual ones which will are going to be the most fun to answer….

Actually I think you will be surprised at just how busy we are with all the activities and the many events that take place in Gibraltar throughout the year.

So I hope to give you all an insight to our everyday lives on the Rock of Gibraltar as well as offering the famous and original semi private tours in Gibraltar.

January see the end of the Christmas season….. This is usually a big Family affair in Gibraltar and seems to go on for a long while with all the family meals, Christmas balls, work do´s and many Christmas community events and after the Three King´s Cavalcade and we have all put away our Christmas Decorations…´s still not over OVER…… we still have our Pantomime to look forward to.

This usually runs the last two weeks in January.

Pantomime literally means “all kinds “of “mime “.

It is a type of musical comedy stage production, designed for family entertainment. It was developed in England and is generally performed during the Christmas and New Year season. Modern pantomime includes songs, slapstick comedy and dancing, it´s custom to see gender-crossing actors, and combines topical/ local humour with a story loosely based on a well-known fairy tale.

Most cities and towns throughout the UK have a form of Pantomime. The origins Pantomime or “Panto” as it is known date back to the middle ages.

Pantomime has also been attempted abroad, but usually with only a small amount of success. Not surprisingly it has proved popular in countries such as Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Here is Gibraltar it is a much loved tradition and Gibraltar Rock Tours is a big fan of Fun with the family…..

This year at the Inces Hall sees the fantastic Pantomime Sleeping Beauty, It´s fun packed with songs and jokes and what I think is most loved by the children …… the famous booing and answering back at the characters.

The cast and crew of The Trafalgar Theatre Group are really excellent at what they do, they put in a lot of hard work and dedication every year, the stage and the costumes are wonderful and Gibraltar Rock Tours would like to congratulate them on an excellecent Family show.

May this very British custom The Pantomime live in Gibraltar for many years to come!

Well the end of Gibraltar Rock Tours first blog…. Hope you enjoyed it…… already thinking about researching my next blog……. I am telling you exciting times ….WELCOME 2015!

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