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Gibraltar National Day by Gibraltar Rock Tours

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September has arrived and this leads us to the biggest annual event on the Rock.

If you live in Gibraltar you are well aware what Gibraltar National day means and the celebrations around this time of year.

Lots of things are happening in the run up to the BIG DAY!

If you are visiting Gibraltar on the 10th September, by all means join in and enjoy the celebrations !

Gibraltar Rock Tours although probably dressed in red and white like the rest of the population, does not close on this day so if you are visiting the Rock on the 10th you can still enjoy the views from the upper rock nature reserve, you can still visit St.Michael’s Cave and other attractions and still have time to enjoy some of organised events during the day as we start pretty early and finish pretty late.

Gibraltar has been celebrating this annual event which dates back to the first National day in September 1993.

The then Chief Minister Mr. Joe Bossano went to the UN to argue for the right to self-determination and in doing so the Self Determination for Gibraltar Group (SDGG) was born.

Here is the SDGG website address   ( where it explains why this group was formed.

Some of you may ask yourselves why Gibraltar feels the need to express their desire for self determination, many countries take this for granted, but Spain still considers that it still has a claim to the rock so we need to let the world know our wishes.

In 1967 a referendum took place, the numbers of gibraltarians who voted to remain British was overwhelming and Gibraltar remained British.

The SDGG held the first National Day in John Mackintosh square on 10th September 1993,as this was the anniversary of the 1967 referendum. I still have a copy of the souvenir they printed specially for that day.

So many people turned up the location seemed small and during the years that followed the locations have expanded to various parts of Gibraltar.

For many Gibraltarians it’s the best day of the year….even better than Christmas day ! we definitely have ensured that National Day is a celebration that’s here to stay.

Local Politicians felt our sovereignty was once again under threat,and this prompted a second referendum,which was held in 2002. The result was once again just as overwhelming 98.48% against JOINT SOVEREIGNTY .

National Day is not just politics, it’s become a family day , we start with the childrens fancy dress, school choirs participate and it’s a full blown street Party down main street,

John Mackintosh square, Casemates just a few or the areas many families spend the day at the beach flying the Gibraltar flag proudly. National day is full of happiness, good food,BBQ’s, dancing, singing,Speeches are made by the mayor and politicians. We sing the National Anthem, many dignitaries attend both from Gibraltar and the UK .Recent British Governments have been supportive , with prime minister David Cameron sending a video message in support on one of the recent National Days. We end the fantastic family day with Fireworks.

We are getting our flags out and hanging union jacks out of our windows and balconies.

Preparing what we are going to wear in Red and White… painted faces, a wave of red and white photos on social media in the evening and every man, woman, child and pet comes out onto the streets to see the Baloons and celebrate.

This year will be no different and Gibraltar will once again defend our right to SELF DETERMINATION>

Here you can find all the different events happening in Gibraltar during the end of August and up to National day.

And a poster which details the Actual day’s event.national-day-poster-2015


Hope all the visitors to the Rock on our special day, have a wonderful time !

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