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Gibraltar Evacuation 75th Anniversary by Gibraltar Tours.

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75thAnniversary of The Evacuation by Gibraltar Tours.

As we approach the end of the year, and looking back on all the events and celebrations that have taken place in Gibraltar throughout 2015. I would have to say the the 75thAnniversary of the Evacuation has been the one that has touched our hearts.

For the day visitor in Gibraltar, Gibraltar is about our history our military tunnels and our  beautifulviews of the bay from the upper rock nature reserve, our beautiful caves, and our Apes. But Gibraltar is so much more it’s the charitable people who live here and the safe family life and environment we are proud of. Passion and pride in being Gibraltarian and very British and of course our very singular biliguelism…..

If  you are arriving to Gibraltar by cruise have a look out as you go round the roundabout . As you leave the port area on your Rock Tour there is a Monument on the roundabout of a family being reunited after the evacuation. The statue is by Jill Cowie Sanders.

The evacuation of the Gibraltarian civilian population during World War II was an event which dramatically changed the lives of Gibraltarians. The British Government’s decision to enforce mass evacuation from the then Crown colony ofGibraltar, in order to increase the strength of The Rock with more British Armed Forces personnel, meant that most Gibraltarians had nowhere to call home. Only those civilians with essential jobs were allowed to stay. However, this event gave the entire community a heightened sense of “Britishness” by sharing in the war effort.

Gibraltarians  were evacuated to Casablanca in French Morrocco, London, Madeira and Jamaica.

To mark this 75th Anniversary, there have been commemorations in all forms , as Published works, parades, tributes, Exhibitions. This important part of our Local history will also now be taught in all our school as part of the curriculum.

The White Light Company presented a play to commemorate the anniversary and I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the sold out Gala Night.

The Play was called Llevamedondenaci- A Defining event that shaped a Nation.

The book launch of the Play is in December at Sacarello’s. I will be making sure to get a copy.

All the proceeds of this production will go to Friends of Mount Alvernia, Gibraltar Alzheimer’s and Dementia Society and Actions4schools, as well as a memorial for Pepe Roman, the composer of the song “llevamedondenaci“ Our Unofficial Anthem.

LlévameDondeNací (English: Take Me Back To Where I Was Born) is the title of a traditional Spanish language patriotic songabout Gibraltar attributed to Gibraltarianguitarist and composer Pepe Roman.

The song was written in the early 1930s after many Gibraltarians emigrated to the United States of America in search of job opportunities, but were instead faced with the hardships of the Great Depression. The song reflects the disillusion, anxiety and homesickness of these emigrants.

During the Second World War, this song became an anthem for those civilians who were evacuated from The Rock.

The song’s popularity was maintained thereafter as Spanish sovereignty claims over Gibraltar during the 1960s leading to the eventual closure of the land frontier, resulting in complete isolation, gave rise to an increase in patriotic fervour.

It is also the tune played by the chimes of the clock situated on top Watergate House at Grand Casemates Square on the hour.

So it was a great Title for the play, It was an emotional one, to see a wonderful set talented cast. I could truly imagine my grandparents and in laws in every seen of the play and what a great personal touch in the interval to the serve warm tea and bread and better. Often the meal my relatives would have eaten in those hard days of war. I loved every single character in the play.  What a great local production!!!! Congratulations to all involved!!!!

I hope this blog post has been of interest and helped to get to know us a little better..….

If you are planning your holidays and looking to visit the Rock with Gibraltar Tours, I would recommend you book early if travelling in peak season, you can book through our booking form on the website or send us an email, we are also on twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, and I must also take this opportunity to thank our customers for the great reviews on trip advisor…. Very much appreciated.



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