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Gibraltar Christmas Market by Gibraltar Rock Tours


Merry Christmas by Gibraltar Rock Tours

Christmas can be special anywhere and everywhere in the world, for everyone young and old alike.

Even with all the craziness of shopping, more shopping and cooking we seem to find the time to enjoy the family´s company during the most wonderful time of the year.

Years gone by in Gibraltar, Christmas had an extended enjoyment, it was the perfect time for people to celebrate with neighbours. Spontaneous parties in the patios where neighbours would share food drink and sing carols both in English and in Spanish. Times have changed and so have the customs but this year The Gibraltar Artisans Market Committee alongside the Gibraltar Cultural services have managed to recreate this community spirited atmosphere at the their very first ever Gibraltar Christmas Market.

Christmas wooden chalets have lined the Boulevard in Line Wall Road since the end of November.

Bang in the centre of town, which is very convenient for visiting tourists to the Rock of Gibraltar, accessible parking for those driving into Gibraltar and for visitors who have taken a coach day trip from up the coast will find that the walk past the Market as they head for Main Street.

Visitors to the Rock this time of year have been enjoying some wonderful weather too, with only just one day of rain and not even that could dampen the Christmas Market spirit or festive ambience.

Market goers have enjoyed the Typical German sausages but have also had a choice of local cuisine, Callos (tripe) meat stew and Roasted leg of Pork and a must have at any market during the Christmas period,  Mulled wine and mince Pies. This has certainly kept the stallholders and visitors warm on the inside.

Local Artisans have not just sold their wares from the beautifully decorated chalets, they also made the decorations for the Christmas Tree, an original Post box and a very popular Selfie frame too !

The Artisans have also had demonstration days, where the public could watch things being made, Live portrait painting, knotting, sewing, and wood cutting to name a few. Children have enjoyed decorating cakes, making decorations out of pinecones, face painting and have Helped Santa look for his bell on a treasure hunt.

Another must at any Christmas Market Public has to be music, we have enjoyed choirs and bands which have made the market feel super special. Beautiful voices, talented musicians and dancers have entertained young and old.

The best part of it has been to watch people come together and have a lovely time, the feedback from the public has been wonderful and encouraging to continue to dedicate time and work hard towards making it bigger and better every year.

As always Gibraltar Rock Tours invites everyone who is Visiting Gibraltar in 2018 , to book a tour with us anytime and we look forward to meeting you all and showing you the treasure that is The Rock of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Rock Tours would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

May all your wishes come true in 2018.

Have a good one and thanks for reading!

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