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Saturday mornings in town by Gibraltar Rock Tours

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I have always thought that there is a special vibe about Saturday Mornings in Gibraltar.

I love the hustle and bustle feel to it, all the shops are open and it´s so unlike the quiet, lazy Sundays!……but Sundays…… they are so wonderfully peaceful, if fact I would say any day is a good day to take a Gibraltar Rock Tour, including the weekends.

Just outside the entrance to Casemates Square you will see our Public Market which is always busy on a Saturday. There will be mainly locals buying fresh fish, meat, fruit and vegetables but is usually busy outside as it´s also the meeting point for the cruise ships shuttle service.

Many locals will also be enjoying a typical English breakfast, or also very popular custom is to have ´churros` with coffee on a Saturday morning or on a Sunday for that matter.

If you haven´t had them before, these are really worth a try…. Dip ‘churros’ in some sugar ….well that’s the way we´ve always had them. You can find them at the market and in some of the cafes in Casemates Square.

Casemates Square is one of the two mains squares in town and John Mackintosh Square being the other, they are connected via main Street, so it is absolutely perfect  for Parades so many events often start at Casemates and end at John Mackintosh Square.

At John Mackintosh square you can visit the Heritage Trust Shop.

Here´s their website address just in case you´d like to check opening times.

There always seems to be something ´going on ´most Saturdays in the year. The Classic Vehicle association display their beautiful cars, and once or twice a year they are paraded down Main Street, for all to admire similarly the Motorcycle Club they have there Saturday too.

Bands are also very popular in Gibraltarlike the talented Calpe Band players. We have the Gibraltar Scouts and Guides Parade, the Sea Scouts play their bagpipes and . The Gibraltar Regiment band is one not to be missed.

Many religious events also take Place at the Squares like The Corpus Christi and many Military events like the Ceremony of the Keys.

We celebrate so many events, infact far too many to mention now but I will no doubt  tellyou all about  them throughout the year.

Casemates Square is also known for the Arts and Crafts Market on a Saturday, and in the Casemates vaults you will find there is usually an Art Exhibition or two open to the public.

Casemates Square is the Family Square we welcome in the New Year here, enjoy our food festival here and our National Day.

But getting back to Saturdays….

I think the most popular attraction on a Saturday Morning especially with the touristsmust be The Re-enactment parade

The Gibraltar Re-enactment Association have been around for about 10 years and they are active participants in many parades like the three king´s Cavalcade in January and  many historic  celebrations like the Treaty Of Utrecht celebrations we had a couple of years ago.

Theyare a group of people who appreciate and celebrate our history by re-enacting the ceremony of the keys every Saturday in Gibraltar at midday..

They Parade down Main Street whereyou can see them proudly marching intheir period uniforms and watch the ceremony of the keys re-enactment  at Casemates Square whenit finishes they are always happy to pose for photographs if you ask them.

Most of our Gibraltar Rock tours end in Main streetwhere your driver from Gibraltar Tours can give you easy directions, so if you are in Gibraltar you will get a chance to visit the Squares and see the parade during your visit to Gibraltar.

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