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Gibraltar National Day 50th Anniversary


National Day 50 years on from the 1967 Referendum by Gibraltar Rock Tours

Looks like summer is now over Mid October isn´t bad going really…. Although still not cold for a jacket we did see our the first rains of the season today and Halloween decorations are up in the shops…so seems to me summer is now officially over. We are still busy conducting tours at Gibraltar Rock Tours though if you are coming into Gibraltar on a day trip, please get in touch with us!

Looking back at the last couple of months it´s been a great summer with so much going on in Gibraltar, the popular summer nights, the beer festival, the wine festival, the Gibraltar Fair,( this one must be the kids favourite week of the whole summer), ocean village marina cardboard boat race and the MTV 2 day music Festival  was a highlight too but I think what must have been the biggest event in everyone´s summer was our special National day celebrations this year !

We have held competitions, Photographic, Art to name a couple and had displays of memorabilia from the first referendum, Our streets have been lined with Flags… alternating both the Gibraltarian and Union Jack and the famous steps in town were repainted by our youth.

On the 10th September Gibraltar was having a party, a pretty big and important one at that.

It’s usually Gibraltarian’s Favourite day of the Year anyhow, as there is something special about us all wearing Red and white (National Colours) that day that makes everything and everyone look so happy. I am pretty sure Gibraltarians on the 10th September every year, wherever they are on this planet are rejoicing the fact they are British.

Gibraltar celebrated a very special National day this year as it was the 50th Anniversary of its first Sovereignty referendum. (day  in 1967  when 99% of the population voted to remain British).

This year we waved flags in casemates square whilst listening to our Chief Minister, UK politians and even the UK prime minister Theresa May too !! She sent a video message, press stated approx. 3,000 people packed the square and listened to the message on the large screen confirming that the UK will stand by the people of Gibraltar for as long as the people wish to remain British. “Fifty years on, Gibraltar and the UK are closer than ever before…..we will resolutely safeguard Gibraltar, it´s people and it´s economy and Gibraltar will remain British for as long as it chooses to do so “ Theresa May´s message was received with a massive applause and loud cheers. It was a lovely hot day and families enjoyed the beach, lunches, parties and the youth had the Monkey Rocks Festival too !

The evening before National day, a spectacular event for all the family was held at the Victoria stadium it was very appropriately titled.

 A celebration of the 5oth Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum.

The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra played beautifully, accompanying soloist Laura Wright (soprano) Wynne Evans (tenor) and Conducted by Timothy Henty.

It was a beautiful night and the Rock looked amazing as the moon came up behind the stage it was a magnificent backdrop to what was a truly emotional and amazing show.

The tenor was very funny cracking jokes about the adverts he appears in… GO COMPARE… GO COMPARE…. Annoying on the TV advert but what a lovely guy with a wonderful powerful voice. Laura, Timothy, the Gibraltar Regiment band, the local choir all were magnificent. A short film was shown on the 1967 Referendum and the handing out of flag to sing along to popular songs and  the national anthems made the evening one I am sure no one will forget.

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